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Your ideal hosting solution has arrived! We at The Temple Host provide a powerful new platform to deliver your ideas to the Web. Whether it’s a WordPress blog, a business site with e-commerce, or a full-fledged application, we can deliver it faster and easier than any other experience available.  Click below to learn about how our full range of internet capabilities, including website design and secure data storage, can bring your content to the world without breaking the bank or your sanity.

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Fast. Scalable. Open Source

At The Temple Host, we continue to develop and implement unbeatable, secure technologies, while contributing back to the community to further the advancement of open-source software.  This allows you to receive the best user experience possible at the best price.  We have designed this site to provide you all the tools you need clearly and easily to make your experience smooth and enjoyable.

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Secure and Private. Always.

In today’s world of “The Cloud”, it seems privacy and security are always eroding. We’re here to change that. Your data and email will always be secure with us, and we will never share your information.  Unlike Google which scans your email with Gmail and sells your information to the highest bidder, we think that such behavior is inexcusable.  We would like to offer you a place where once again your email and data is private, safely encrypted and yours, as it should be. Just visit at and be sure that your data is secured.

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Expert Support

Our experts at The Temple Host will provide you the best technical expertise to support you in all your hosting and website needs. From a diverse knowledge base that includes valuable video tutorials to highly qualified support agents, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the support you need to get the job done.  Whether you wish to create a new website, migrate an existing site or need help in managing your site, we offer the best experience available for your shared hosting, VPS setups and Dedicated Server optimizations.

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Basic Hosting

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5 GB File Space
5 Email Accounts
5 GB Bandwidth
Nightly Backups
Secure Webmail and Filemanager
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10 GB File Space
10 Email Accounts
Host 2 Domains!
Nightly Backups
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Business Hosting

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50 GB File Space!
Host 5 Domains!
50 GB Bandwidth!
WordPress & W3TC optimized
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Feel free to browse our range of hosting plans and additional services, with clustered shared hosting and Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated servers, we're sure you'll be pleased with all we have to offer.


  • Your information is always safe with us and never shared or scanned.
  • You own and control all of your data, share want you want, hide what you want


Secure Linux powerhouse systems
Military-grade Encrytion of your data
Encrypted Email and FTP access via TLS/SSL
SSL Certificates available for all needs